Remy Pure Keratin U Tips

Remy Pure Keratin U Tips

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Remy Pure Keratin U Tips

Pre-bonded U TIPS are small sections of hair with keratin glue hardened onto their ends. The fusion method delivers one of the most versatile and believable weaves on the market. U TIPS are applied using a heating appliance to literally meltĀ the glue of the extension U TIPS and fixing it to individual strand ends of the clients natural hair. Hair is sectioned out as if the client is getting skinny individual braids. U TIPS can be reused for 2 to 3 times if properly done and may also be used with micro beads/rings

Product Details

Application Type

Keratin U Tips

Texture Type

Natural Wavy, Natural Curly, Natural Straight

Hair Weight

Standard 3.5 oz. (100 Grams), or can provide based on your requirement.

Hair Length

Lengths 6" to 30" (32" and longer depending on raw material availability)


Natural Black (01B), Natural Grey (NGX), Natural Blend (NBX), Dye-Jet Black (001), Natural Brown (002), BL-Dark Brown (02B), BL-Medium Brown (004), BL-Light Chestnut Brown (008), BL-Light Blonde (022), BL- Ash Blonde (024), BL-Golden Blonde (027), BL-Light Auburn (030), BL-Dark Auburn (033), BL-Lightest Blonde (060), BL-Platinum Blonde (613), Ombre (OMB) and other Dye colors based on your requirement.


Retail, Wholesale or Bulk quantities.

Payment Options

Cash, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bank Drafts, Western Union, Business Checks.

Lead Time

Natural Texture/Black in stock. Bulk or Custom orders take extra time.

Shipping Options

Pickup, USPS, FedEx or DHL.